Agnes Thallasinou

My name is Agnes Thalassinou. I was born and raised on Syros. I studied "Special application of Aesthetics and Cosmetology" and "Limbs Care Technician" in Athens.

My passion and apparent love for the world of beauty are the two elements that help me improve myself everyday in this sector. My personal target is to manage to satisfy my customers to the fullest with the kindest smile and the warmest welcoming.

And like this, my art takes shape in my Agni's Beauty studio.

Lia Arvaniti

I have studied makeup and makeup at Telis Kikeris School in Athens, and now I belong to the Agni's Beauty team.

Smile and kindness are two of the most important elements that represent me.

My priority is to highlight beauty, because there is nothing that comes more directly to our soul than beauty!


Nicole Vogiatzi

My name is Nicole Vogiatzi. I feel blessed for doingthe job that I always liked! I have always wantedto be engaged in the working field of beauty andmy personal ambition was fulfilled in Agni's Beauty studio.

The team follows the same philosophy concerning limbs care and more, offering the best customer service. Visiting the salon we want our relations to our customers to be characterised by a relaxed and familiar environment.

Γεράρδη Νίκη

My name is Niki Gerardi. I am part of ''Agni's Beauty studio'' team for the last two years. I work at the reception.

My responsibilities include to welcome the guests, to book the appointments and I am in charge of the smooth operation of the salon. I am also a nail artist. I believe that it's very important to give a sense of tranquillity to our guests and that's always my priority.


Roussou Maria

My name is Roussou Maria and I belong to the Agni's Beauty group in the secretarial section.

My duties are the pleasant welcome of visitors, the smooth operation of the institute as well as the prompt and efficient service of other workers.

I consider the politeness and the pleasant smile to the customers but also to their customers as an important factor.
My colleagues and that is my priority.

Printezi Tzela

My name is Tzela Printezi, I studied Aesthetics and Cosmetology at the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, and I am a member of the Αgni's beauty team.

My dream has always been to engage in aesthetics, and I am very grateful that I made it.

I've been working in the beauty industry for the last 5 years. My goal is to highlight inner beauty and contribute to good customer psychology!


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The basic ingredient of our success in our business is team work and a good environment; thats for the achievement for the best service.

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At Agni’s Beauty studio, we provide premium care services in a welcoming and comfortable environment, where you have the opportunity to feel comfortable and relaxed.